Well DBAWellDBA Exam™

Just like it sounds – a thorough health and wellness  examination of your SQL Server environment.  Linchpin People will check over 80 critical points of your instances, their settings, how they are being managed, and their performance.  We look at the critical issues you are suffering from now, but we also focus on systemic wellness for the future. Our people will ask you questions, talk to your team, and identify potential future problems or roadblocks. We make sure that your SQL Server environment is lined up properly for the future you expect out of it. Our process takes a little longer and digs a little deeper than the health checks some people perform, but don’t you think your databases and important information are worth the time and expertise?

WellDBA Exam™ + deep workload performance tuning analysis.

Some customers are just looking for a quick checkup.  Some customers need a much deeper investigation when they are having performance problems.  In our deep workload analysis, we will perform our normal WellDBA Exam™, and also capture a tremendous amount of extra information from your servers.  Using a variety of tools that we have written, as well as tools from leading ISVs that we partner with, we will take a highly detailed look at your SQL system performance.  This add on to the core WellDBA Exam guarantees that we identify the root cause of your performance problems, or you won’t pay for the time.

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WellDBA IconWellDBA™ Managed & Urgent Care

Our core team of Database Wellness Experts has over 100 years of combined experience in managing the expectations and demands of a production SQL Server environment. Most companies call an SQL service provider only when they have database issues and are in trouble.  Linchpin People® can be in your back pocket and on call when you need us as an urgent care specialist.

Our WellDBA™ Managed Care offering could have even more benefit to your company.  Linchpin People® will get to know your environment, you will get to know our team, and when questions and problems arise, you won’t have to go through the new patient process with us all over again.  Since we will already be familiar with your environment, know your SQL Server needs, and understand the full range of your data, there will be less downtime and a better end result when resolving a database problem.  This can work well for teams without DBAs, but it can allow any team to have expertise available, and not need a full time Senior DBA Consultant on staff.