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Linchpin People is a team of some of the best SQL Server experts in the world. We can help your business succeed with anything related to SQL Server. We call that AnythingSQL™. Don’t believe us? Give us a try.

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Need help with your SQL Server environment? We will check over 80 critical points of your instances, their settings, how they are being managed, and their performance.

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Leadership Changes at Linchpin People

Friends of Linchpin,   Andy Leonard has chosen to leave Linchpin People and to pursue his career through Andy Leonard Consulting.  We all at Linchpin People owe a lot to Andy for where we are today as a company. His enthusiasm for technology and for people has shaped this company. He will be missed.     The next months will […]

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Measure Twice, Cut Once

The carpenter’s adage to measure twice and cut once is borne of experience and a few costly mistakes. In database terms, how can we follow the advice to test our changes repeatedly? The easiest way I know is to set up transactions for my ad hoc queries and roll them back to measure their effects without committing the changes they’ll […]

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PAINT Your Way to Security

When I worked in the Intel Architecture Labs, I got to serve on several working committees for the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF). Most of them were related to peer networking which was my focus area at the time. One of the important topics in peer networking is security, as you can imagine. During our committee meetings, I […]

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